Student Conduct


• VYIBA is a positive, and encouraging work environment for dancers, parents, and staff.  Students are expected to behave respectfully toward their parents, teachers, classmates, and their art form.

• Dancers are strongly advised to wait for their rides inside the VYIBA building and should not walk outside alone.

• We recommend that street clothes and shoes be worn over dance clothes before and after class, especially during the colder months.

• Our school objectives are to:

1. Further develop the physical skills that facilitate proper execution of classical ballet in the Vaganova style.

2. Develop quality presentation for stage performance.

3. Improve fluency in dance terminology and the Vaganova Syllabus.

4. Application of the use of music to the repetition of movement.

5. Develop skills at an advanced level during class to produce a professional performance on stage.

When students register for classes at VYIBA, they promise to:

1. Arrive early for class.

2. Dress appropriately for class, including footwear.

3. Stretch and warm up entire body for class before it begins.

4. Take an active role in learning dance combinations and choreography.

5. Show improvement throughout the year and apply corrections to work in class.

6. Exhibit a good attitude toward others.

7. Ask questions during class to further understand what is being taught.

• VYIBA reserves the right to change or add classes and teachers when necessary. Please see the posted updates on our website or check the studio bulletin board.