General Policies


• During class time, students are expected to:

Sign in upon arrival to the studio

Make up all missed classes within one month

Follow the dress code for all classes and rehearsals

            Put away their cell phones at all times

• All parents and students should check the bulletin board for updates on the calendar, schedule, policy documents, events, etc. Nutcracker and other performance information will also be listed on the bulletin board.

• Parents are welcome to stay and wait for their child, collect information about future school happenings, and enjoy the use of our free wifi for personal or business activities. Please refrain from negative discussions about students, parents or studio activities out of respect for the privacy and hard work of each individual student.

• No food, drinks, or chewing gum are permitted in the dance studios. Specific areas will be designated for eating. The student is expected to dispose of all garbage in the proper containers and make sure that they clean up the space they occupied so that the next student can have a pleasant lunch.

• Photos may not be taken without permission

• Students are to place their belongings neatly in the place provided for them in their respective dressing rooms.

• VYIBA is not responsible for any lost or stolen item, including electronic items. Please check at the front desk and in the Lost and Found box, located in the ladies’ dressing room.

• Students are expected to show respect for one another’s property as well as the property of the studio.

• Help us to keep our studio space clean and free of germs by washing your hands and/or using hand sanitizer.

• VYIBA is a drug/smoke free facility and no student is allowed to smoke or use alcohol or drugs in or near the studio.

• No weapons or objects that could be used to cause bodily harm are permitted in the studio.

• No student is permitted in the designated staff area.

• Cyber bullying is taken seriously. Abuse of social media, which harms another, is grounds for dismissal from the studio.

• All choreography used for performances is considered to be the intellectual property of VYIBA. Use of this choreography without written or verbal permission by the instructor or director is prohibited. This includes performance videotaping and photograph distribution online by posting on Face book, YouTube, etc.

• Any student enrolled at VYIBA or performing with the VYIBA Company who would like to take class or perform with any other dance school during the school year must seek permission from the director. Participation with any other school without permission may result in dismissal from VYIBA.