Dancer's Health


• It is extremely important to VYIBA that its students be physically and mentally healthy. Our classes are about individual accomplishments, not body types.

• Teachers will not discuss students’ body shape, size, weight, or dieting in class. If a teacher has a concern about a student’s health, they will speak privately with a parent.

• If a student becomes injured or suffers chronic pain, VYIBA advises that parents seek the opinion of a trained medical professional.

• Proper nutrition and adequate rest form the basis for healthy learning in the studio. Recovering or injured students are expected to attend class, unless they have a fever or a communicable illness.

• Please be sure to notify the office if a dancer will be absent from class.

• It is expected that the student will allow adequate warm-up time prior to the start of class in order to avoid injury. If you have an injury, please notify your teacher prior to the beginning of the class or during class, should you need assistance.

• Dancers who are unable to participate physically are expected to observe class in order to take notes on technical corrections or to learn choreography that may be in progress during the scheduled class time.