Class Placement


• At the end of each school year, the director, with the help of the teachers, will determine each dancer’s placement for the following school year. The director and teachers reserve the right to move students accordingly.

• A student’s level placement is determined based on their maturity, technical strength, class attendance, performance, growth, work ethic, and focus in class and rehearsal.

• Class placement is not up for negotiation once it is determined – please respect the decision of the director and faculty and remember that the decision is with the student’s best interest and advancement in mind.

• Only students who are 14 and older will be considered for the advanced level, at the discretion of the director.


Pointe Shoes:

Teachers will determine when a student is ready to begin pointework on an individual basis. Some factors that play in this decision are the student’s maturity, foot and ankle strength, the ability to maintain turnout, balance on demi pointe, and attendance to class. Not all students will be ready at the same time.

• Students who are not yet on pointe but are enrolled in a class that has pointework are expected to participate to continue strengthening and preparing for pointe shoes.

• When a dancer is ready for pointe, their teacher will notify them.

• A proper fitting with an expert at a store is required, as well as approval from Viktor on the fit of the shoe.