• We expect an email to or a phone call to the studio to explain a student absence.

• Attendance will be taken in each class. Students who wish to participate in performances must have regular attendance. Those who do not attend regularly may risk their degree of participation in performances. This is in fairness to those attending regularly to keep class and rehearsal progressing.

• Except for serious illness, injury, or severe weather, we expect our dancers to meet their obligation to attend all classes for which they are registered. Multiple absences or tardiness to class can severely interfere with a student’s improvement and overall understanding of class material.

• Students may drop or add a class by obtaining permission from the director. If a student misses a class due to illness or emergency cancellation by the studio for any reason, the student may substitute their regular class with any other class of the same level or lower level. The student may substitute the missed class with a class of a higher level with permission of the director. Substituted classes must be made up within a month of the missed class.

Multiple absences or tardiness in class can severely interfere with a student’s progress and could result in injury as the class progresses. Poor attendance may require a student to switch to a lower level, repeat a level, or be dismissed from the studio.

• Any student who wishes to participate in another extracurricular or personal activity that may regularly interfere with class and/or rehearsal, should notify the director in advance.

• Absences due to vacations, musicals, college visits, auditions or performance opportunities are the student’s choice, but class tuition will not be changed to fit the number of classes attended.

• Any student enrolled at VYIBA or performing with the VYIBA Company who would like to take class or perform with any other dance school during the school year must seek permission from the director. Participation with any other school without permission may result in dismissal from VYIBA.

• NO REFUND IS GIVEN FOR A MISSED CLASS FOR ANY REASON. Please read the schedule and choose classes carefully so that there will be no conflict with your chosen classes.

• Students will be given a maximum of 7 absences per year, per class. If this number is surpassed, it may interfere with performance opportunities.

• All rehearsals during the month of May are considered mandatory for all students participating in the Gala Performance. This is so that all students are prepared and confident for the show.